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Isotropic Carbon


Ultra light, modern and technical version thanks to carbon fiber. Shows a nod to the strange, unidentified asteroid that passed through our solar system a few years ago. It’s a stealth version with a one-piece green bracelet, woven from titanium and aramid.

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Limited to 49 Pieces

Deliveries October 2022

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Be prepared for the encounter of the third kind

On October 19, 2017, a strange celestial object was spotted by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii. The asteroid is moving at high speed through our solar system. Its trajectory, its color, its shape much more elongated than any star object known around our planets, led to the conclusion that it came from another solar system.

The unidentified flying object has been dubbed "Oumuamua" - the "Messenger" in the Hawaiian language. Which means "scout", the soldier sent in front, in order to spot the enemy. ". This name echoes the fact that it is the first witness to a very distant past or a region of space hitherto unknown.

LAB-ONE Isotropic carbon

The mystery around the asteroid remains unresolved, some astronomers have even hypothesized an extraterrestrial origin.

Although it is moving quickly, there are plans to send an exploration mission to Oumuamua within 5 to 10 years and who knows what we will find?

The isotropic carbon model is a nod to this enigmatic flying object. A mixture of green and gray, it is reminiscent of the army's camouflage in hostile territory, as this exploration mission perhaps will be.

LAB-ONE Isotropic carbon

An ultra light and organic box

Carbon fiber is a synthetic material, inspired by the exoskeletons of insects and beetles. Super light and mega resistant material, it does not expand either hot or cold. It takes extremes, which is why it is used for shuttles and space capsules. 

The carbon in the LAB-ONE case is isotropic, which means that the fibers that make it up, go unexpectedly in all directions. Which makes it look organic, like it's alive ...

LAB-ONE Isotropic carbon

Imperial Green Bracelet, beware the Alien Empire troops may not be far away

The bracelet supplied with LAB-ONE is monobloc and without clasp. This guarantees maximum comfort.

It is a mixture of metallic fibers and Nomex hypoallergenic and lightweight material. Robust and strong, it slips on like an elastic. This unique bracelet has shape memory, even if it is twisted, it regains its shape.

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The story behind the watch


How does this world premiere work ?


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Technical Description

LAB-ONE Isotropic carbon



Isotropic Carbon

9h-3h 42 mm x 6h-12h 37.8 mm

Height 9h 5mm / 3h 10mm


100m / 10Atm


Sapphire glass

Double anti-glare face


Carbon / rubber

Diameter 10 mm


Satin finish, electroluminescent coating

Wrist Strap

Material - Nomex ™, universal size

One-piece green bracelet, weaving of metal and aramid.

first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE
first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE



Diameter 30 mm x height 2 mm 


Grade 5 titanium

Bottom Plate

Grade 5 titanium


Grade 5 titanium

Optical Sensor

Low-power laser and optical sensor

Dynamic Sensor

Accelerometer / Gyroscope


Manual winding 


Driven by a linear motor


28.800 Alt / h 4HZ

Power Reserve



Rechargeable Battery 3.8v / 125mAh 


Low-Consumption Bluetooth


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