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AK Genève is recognizable by its creative freedom and its desire to reinvent watch codes. New materials, new shapes... No restrictions, just possibilities to explore and experiment with.

Revolutionizing the codes of watchmaking also means imagining innovative ways of making the object and building a solid link with the public. It even means rethinking the organization of the factory so that it is as autonomous as possible. Our key word is independence.

What is better than rebels to rock the watchmaking world?

Exploring new territories means having a skiff capable of withstanding galactic storms, driven by a united, pioneering, courageous and optimistic crew. A tenacious team that constantly adapts to the unknown, fearless and never giving up.

Our rebels are explorers, giants and adventurers. Whether they are famous or in the shadows, what unites them is their thirst for discovery and prowess. They are fearless and bite into life with full teeth. They are friends, heroes of today and tomorrow, with whom we build the adventure.

Jerome le Banner

Jérôme Le Banner

Born December 26, 1972, professional kickboxer and actor.

Jérôme is considered the greatest French fighter with fifteen world champion titles in various disciplines (Kick Boxing, K1, Thai Boxing, Full Contact) also undefeated in MMA and Boxing.

In Japan, it fills halls of 100,000 people like the Tokyo Dome or the National Stadium.

Also an actor, he has played in about thirty films and series for fifteen years. Both French and American productions: Asterix at the Olympic Games, Fatal, Nicky Larson, Babylon AD, Disco, Scorpion, etc... .

"My life is made of passion, challenge in kickboxing as in cinema.

As I turn 50, why not take a 180° turn and challenge myself? That of a passion unknown to the general public, watchmaking. The association with AK is obvious to me because I was won over by the original and modern style of the watches and by a competent and motivated team with a touch of madness typical of great designers. "

Anthony Xerra

Anthony Xerra

Born June 29, 1978, professional kickboxer and actor.

Anthony won 3 French champion titles and 1 European champion title.

Reconverted as a business manager, he was general manager of an industrial maintenance company. After selling his company, he created XERRA CONCEPT, a management company for athletes and artists.

For 10 years he has been the creator and trainer of the TEAM XERRA kickboxing club, he is also the organizer and promoter of kickboxing galas with 5 editions of GO FIGHT.

Also an actor, we have seen him in several films such as:

Transporteur, Raid Dingue, ANNA, No Limit, Braquo, Carbone, En Liberté.

“I was attracted by the futuristic and dynamic design of the watch, which stands out from classic fine watchmaking. Then, I met the team, and there, I was seduced by the energy, the motivation and the sympathy. That's why I'm embarking on this great adventure. "

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