Both legend and revolution

At the origins of the brand, there is a mythical product imagined in the early 2000s: the WARP.

Years go by but the dream remains: the spatial references initiated by WARP have influenced the history of watchmaking over the past 10 years.

Watch WARP MKII face

A watch with an asymmetrical design

Technique and comfort are the two words that inspired the WARP. For the first time, the shape of a watch is put at the service of the wearer comfort. Neither the buckle of the bracelet nor the crown should represent an obstacle. To make the experience as agreeable as possible, this watch had to become a second skin.

 The idea is simple: make the watch part of its wearer without compromise. All the elements of the watch have therefore been redesigned without time or budget limits to create this exceptional experience. This resulted in the birth of an iconic case, with a completely unique shape, which perfectly hugs the wrist. All reminiscent of the design of a space shuttle.

Thus the casing was machined in the mass and it itself requires several weeks of work. Likewise, the sapphire with dimensions never seen before. This of course made it necessary to invent the production tools.

A completely innovative movement that has left traces and marked the industry

The caliber of the watch is also completely innovative. It is a self-made movement, with jumping hour / minute functions on discs.

Here no hands, but a mechanical digital display. The numbers are engraved on discs which jump instantly with each new minute.

While the seconds are slippery. They are continuous and follow one another smoothly like the second hand on a classic mechanical watch. The seconds are engraved on a drum mounted coaxially on the crown stem. It is the first caliber with a seconds drum that engages the barrel ever designed. 

Watch WARP face metared

High tech, original and unexpected materials

For the WARP, high-tech materials were used. Derived from and inspired by the aerospace industry, specific carbons and titaniums (nanotube carbon fiber and pressurized sintered titanium) have been exploited. At the time, these had never been adapted to watchmaking.

Materials have even been created for the occasion such as red titanium or a carbon isotropic whose recipe has been developed in-house. This carbon fiber is one of a kind: it won't break on impact, machines well, and most importantly, is light as a feather.

WARP MKII front titanium
2 watches WARP AK Genève

Resistance and comfort also apply to the bracelet

The WARP strap is made of vulcanized FKM rubber (initially in KALREZ ™). It is a material developed to withstand anything. We are not exaggerating, it is this substance that is used in the sealing elements of space vehicles. Thanks to the presence of fluorine, these “fluorocarbon” elastomers have admirable resistance to heat (wide temperature range: between −30 ° C and 250 ° C), fuels and aggressive chemicals.

It is also synonymous with comfort: neutral for the wearer, it does not induce allergic reactions. It is not for nothing that even Apple today uses a material from this family for the straps of its famous luxury Apple Watch.

It remained an expensive material, especially at the time, and few manufacturers knew how to use it. 

Avant-garde and luxury watch

Available in 4 versions, always combining a metal: grade 5 titanium, palladium or precious materials, as desired, with carbon fiber. The timepiece offers the pinnacle of exotic materials and machined elements with an exceptional artisanal finish.

It is a unique example of luxury "Haute Horlogerie". When it was released in 2010, the titanium version cost $ 79,500. The rarity and innovation of the materials and the avant-garde shape making it a true work of art for the wrist.

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