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Steel 904 L


Steel is the traditional watchmaking material. It is the material par excellence on which the entire history of modern watches has been based. Going back to the classics, that's what we wanted to do with the Steel model, in reference to our good old Earth.

Steel box for an elegant version, with a touch of classicism. One-piece blue and red bracelet, weaving of metal and aramid.

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Limited to 49 Pieces

Deliveries October 2022

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The magic combination that makes it possible

Earth is the planet of all possibilities, it mixes exceptional conditions. What allowed the emergence of life.

A combination of factors such as Earth's distance from the Sun (about 150 million kilometers), its atmosphere, ozone layer, magnetic field, and geological evolution have allowed life to evolve and develop. About 71% of the planet's surface is covered by water - notably oceans, but also lakes and rivers, constituting the hydrosphere - and the remaining 29% are continents and islands.


LAB-ONE Steel 904L

The whole creates a magnificent whole but which still conceals its share of mystery. Whether in the dark seabed or under our feet, the core of the Earth, its heart are still real enigmas.

It is this improbable mixture of water and fire, red and blue that the LAB-ONE model in Steel symbolizes. The spiral of space-time that constitutes the dial is a clever combination of the two colors.

LAB-ONE Steel 904L

Steel, the raw material for watches

Steel is a traditional material for watches, it is from it that the cogs of the movements but also the majority of cases are made. Heavier than titanium, the material is also distinguished by its brighter and shinier gray. It is an elegant and classic material.

This is perfect if you like to feel the weight of the watch on your wrist. The steel we use in our watches is one of the most unalterable among stainless steels. It is a solid companion that will accompany you on your galactic journeys.

LAB-ONE Steel 904L

Blue and red bracelet to recall the alliance between water and earth which make up the surface of our planet

The bracelet supplied is one-piece and without clasp for maximum comfort. It is a mixture of metallic fibers and Nomex hypoallergenic and lightweight material. It slips on like an elastic and has shape memory.

Even if it is twisted, the bracelet does not deform.

No withdrawal Rights.


The story behind the watch


How does it work ?


How does the watch turn on?

Technical Description

LAB-ONE Steel 904L



Steel 904L

9h-3h 42 mm x 6h-12h 37.8 mm

Height 9h 5mm / 3h 10mm


100m / 10Atm


Sapphire glass

Double anti-glare face


Steel 904L / rubber

Diameter 10 mm


Satin finish, electroluminescent coating

Wrist Strap

Material - Nomex ™, universal size

One-piece blue and red bracelet, weaving of metal and aramid.

first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE
first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE



Diameter 30 mm x height 2 mm 


Grade 5 titanium

Bottom Plate

Grade 5 titanium


Grade 5 titanium

Optical Sensor

Low-power laser and optical sensor

Dynamic Sensor

Accelerometer / Gyroscope


Manual winding 


Driven by a linear motor


28.800 Alt / h 4HZ

Power Reserve



Rechargeable Battery 3.8v / 125mAh 


Low-Consumption Bluetooth


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