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Sandblasted Titanium


Red railroad and crown, the sandblasted model is a nod to the sulphurous Venus.

Sandblasted titanium case to pay homage to the material, authentic model, light and resistant. One-piece red bracelet, weaving of titanium and aramid.

Price: € 13’850, -  Excl tax

Limited to 49 Pieces

Deliveries October 2022

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On the way to the hottest planet

The closest planet to Earth is Venus. Named after the Roman goddess of love and feminine beauty, her size and mass are very similar to those of our planet. It is also the one known as the Shepherd's Star. When visible in the evening sky, it always appears first. According to legend, shepherds used this star, the brightest in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, to find their way around.

Venus is arid, it is very, very hot there, it is a kind of gigantic desert of sand and volcanoes. It would have been provided with an ocean of liquid water, as well as living surface temperatures, between 2.9 billion and 715 million years before our era. But its ocean evaporated, its water molecules shattered by intense ultraviolet light, its hydrogen and oxygen atoms were lost in space ...

LAB-ONE sandblasted titanium

The sandblasted Titanium model with its red timer is a tribute to the hottest planet in our solar system. It is a nod to this territory so close and yet almost inaccessible. Indeed, since the beginning of the 1960s, only twenty or so probes have been able to visit him. Extreme pressure and temperature conditions make life difficult for electronic instruments, making module landings or dives into the atmosphere complicated or impossible.


The Russian space agency Roscosmos plans to send to Venus, by 2029, an orbiter, an atmospheric probe and a small craft (LLISSE) designed by NASA to survive at least 60 days on the planet's surface. Perhaps this time the sulphurous planet will let itself be discovered?

LAB-ONE sandblasted titanium

A box of raw appearance light as made up of thousands of grains of sand

The box is in sandblasted titanium. To obtain this material, we subjected the titanium to a bombardment of ceramic balls then to a hardening treatment. This gives the case an irregular appearance, and it is reminiscent of the sand grains of the beaches whipped by the wind which constitute the only relief on the planet.

The titanium guarantees the watch great resistance to shocks, chemicals and corrosion while offering incredible lightness.

LAB-ONE sandblasted titanium

Dark red bracelet, reminiscent of the warmth of Venus

The supplied bracelet is monobloc and without clasp. It is an assembly of metallic fibers and Nomex, a hypoallergenic and lightweight material. Extremely strong, it slips on like an elastic. The LAB-ONE bracelet has shape memory.

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The story behind the watch


How does this worls premiere work ?


How does the light turn on ?

Technical Description

LAB-ONE sandblasted titanium



Grade 5 titanium

9h-3h 42 mm x 6h-12h 37.8 mm

Height 9h 5mm / 3h 10mm


100m / 10Atm


Sapphire glass

Double anti-glare face


Grade 5 titanium / rubber

Diameter 10 mm


Satin finish, electroluminescent coating

Wrist Strap

Material - Nomex ™, universal size

One-piece red bracelet, weaving of metal and aramid.

first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE
first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE



Diameter 30 mm x height 2 mm 


Grade 5 titanium

Bottom Plate

Grade 5 titanium


Grade 5 titanium

Optical Sensor

Low-power laser and optical sensor

Dynamic Sensor

Accelerometer / Gyroscope


Manual winding 


Driven by a linear motor


28.800 Alt / h 4HZ

Power Reserve



Rechargeable Battery 3.8v / 125mAh 


Low-Consumption Bluetooth


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