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Natural Titanium


Shows in shades of blue, a tribute to the most distant of the planets in our solar system Neptune, the enigmatic giant Ice.

Classic Grade 5 titanium case, light model, very comfortable to wear and ultra resistant. One-piece blue bracelet, weaving of metal and aramid.

Price: € 13’850, -  Excl tax

Limited to 49 Pieces

Deliveries October 2022

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At the other end of the solar system

Rain of diamonds, azure blue hue of unknown origin, underground ocean, invisible to naked eye, Neptune is a legendary planet. A sort of holy grail for astronomers, it is the most remote and mysterious planet in our solar system. Almost everything we know about Neptune today is based on observations made by the Voyager 2 probe during its overflight on August 25, 1989. Since then, we have been talking about returning there but because of its distance from Earth, sending an exploration mission to this planet is a real technical challenge.

 In 2020, NASA is proposing the launch to Neptune of the next large-scale mission dedicated to the study of an external planet. The probe will have to fly over Jupiter to benefit from its gravitational assistance, which can only happen every 12 years, in a very specific alignment of the planets. The next firing window is therefore scheduled for 2028-2030, with an arrival around Neptune around 2043 ...

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Until 2043, embark with this model of LAB-ONE for the enigmatic blue planet.

The dial of the LAB-ONE is made up of several carefully superimposed layers. The fine decorated sapphire crystal is complemented by a multitude of parts (highlights, grid, minute track, index, etc.). The whole thing creates an impression of depth and relief, it's like borrowing a wormhole into another dimension, the one of the movement.

The titanium grid reproduces the canvas of Space-Time. It's a vortex, a kind of spiral  through different shades of blue, that takes you to the other end of the solar system.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Grade 5 titanium for maximum resistance

The natural titanium guarantees this LAB-ONE model lightness and elasticity. It is characterized by a behavior close to that of platinum, it is very resilient, it can only be split with difficulty. Of all the titaniums, we chose grade 5 because it is the easiest to polish and it is the most durable.

This material guarantees the watch great resistance to shocks, chemicals and corrosion while offering incredible lightness.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Bracelet the elegance of Prussian blue

The supplied bracelet is a monobloc without clasp. It is a mixture of metallic fibers and Nomex hypoallergenic and lightweight material. Robust and strong, it slips on like an elastic. This unique bracelet is shape memory.

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Technical Description

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5



Grade 5 titanium

9h-3h 42 mm x 6h-12h 37.8 mm

Height 9h 5mm / 3h 10mm


100m / 10Atm


Sapphire glass

Double anti-glare face


Titanium / rubber

Diameter 10 mm


Satin finish, electroluminescent coating

Wrist Strap

Material - Nomex ™, universal size

One-piece blue bracelet, weaving of metal and aramid

first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE
first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE



Diameter 30 mm x height 2 mm 


Grade 5 titanium

Bottom Plate

Grade 5 titanium


Grade 5 titanium

Optical Sensor

Low-power laser and optical sensor

Dynamic Sensor

Accelerometer / Gyroscope


Manual winding 


Driven by a linear motor


28.800 Alt / h 4HZ

Power Reserve



Rechargeable Battery 3.8v / 125mAh 


Low-Consumption Bluetooth


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