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A Special Demonstration of High Horology

When a wristwatch manufacturer creates a new movement, they must take into consideration two things: precision, and how it works in everyday life. To achieve this, we have created a few sample watches. These prototypes were worn to test out the first horological stumbling blocks.

Through these watches, theory meets reality for the first time. 

Barrel circuit light off and light on
Barrel circuit light off and light on

Through Lab-One, the hybrid watchmaking movement from manufacturer AK-Genève will take form. Sold in limited edition with an exceptional design, this new watch, crafted entirely in Switzerland, will serve as the follow-up to the first blending of electronics and mechanics in the history of watchmaking. 

This is a unique occasion to test an innovative watchmaker’s product from its beginning, and will offer you a rare demonstration of high horology watch titanium grade 5 perspective dial

Design: An Ergonomic and Elegant Technical Build

The casing takes an avant-garde navette shape. Those of you who knew AK’s signature form from the beginning will recognize the associations between it and the first deluxe watch model released more than ten years ago: the Warp.

Reminiscent of a spaceship, the navette form accentuates the shape of the wrist. It is both ergonomic and light to wear. This watch evokes speed, with the technical aspect of its unexpected shape, but it also draws inspiration from the animal world’s giant leatherback tortoise or the scarab beetle.  

The lugs loosely represent the nacelles of the spaceship, and will unscrew in order to change the bracelet.  

Dial: A Window Into The Movement

Lab-One’s dial is glass made of decorated sapphire.

Its transparency offers a clear view of the movement’s exceptional mechanics. 

The caliber’s function is fully discernible: you can see the barrel as it winds itself, the tick-tock of the balance wheel,

and the automatic adjustment of the index.

The most immediately noticeable aspect is the inscriptions. Stamped inscriptions name and demonstrate the innovative components of the movement.

Functioning as a kind of user manual, it allows anyone to understand this piece of elegant watchmaking and highlights the technical innovations used therein. watch titanium grade 5 movement dial
LAB-ONE hands and dial light up

And there was light !

When you look at the time in low light conditions, the hands and the dial light up at will.

So does also the watchmaking movement light up.

Every time a correction is made, the index or barrel circuit will light up so you can see and understand what's going on.

This blow your mind effect only exist on LAB-ONE collection watches.

Clockwork: A Revolution In High Horology

The Lab-One timepiece is equipped with a global innovation: the first integrated hybrid caliber.

For the first time, a mechanical movement in the pure Swiss watchmaking tradition is driven and controlled entirely electronically to offer a new experience in cutting-edge watchmaking.

The caliber possesses a mechanical heart and an electronic brain.

automatic watch caliber electronically driven barrel

This is the only mechanical movement that also serves as an electronic complication. It is endowed with an electronic brain that allows it to self-regulate. It controls the amplitude of the pendulum and its frequency via a driven index and an active barrel. 

The movement can be hand-wound, for lovers of the traditional style, or wound via motor, for adherents to innovation. Its connectivity gives it power, but its mechanical parts guarantee reliability and precision. Its role is to ensure that the clockwork never malfunctions.

This exceptional movement possesses a large barrel. The piece makes up double the size that one would find in a classic movement. Our choosing to make it so large was to guarantee an extra flat movement at 2mm thick.

You can see the connectors at the heart of the barrel, because for the first time, the barrel arbor works as a motor. It allows for winding, and also checks to ensure the force of the barrel is adequate and constant.

automatic watch caliber electronically driven barrel side

Lab-One will be a trial run, unique for its exceptional movement, avant-garde form, the quality of its first issue, and the rareness of the piece. In fact, this timepiece will only be sold and produced once in 2021.

Intended for collectors looking for novelties and exceptional pieces, a limited number of mechanical watches will be produced and sold. 

In addition to being a proud owner of a piece of history, you will also have your choice between five different finishes: Natural Titanium, Black Titanium, Sandblasted Titanium, Carbon, and Steel, as well as two wrist straps.

The base wrist strap included is made of Nomex, a hypoallergenic and light material. It has a sturdiness and solidity that is beyond compare.

Deliveries will begin shipping by December 2021.

Upon reserving your sample, a pre-order will be put in with our business manager and it will be delivered to you by the summer. In the interim, we will provide you with regular updates on the production process of your future exceptional timepiece.

When your Lab-One is ready, we will send you details of the delivery. Once the mechanical watch graces your wrist, you are invited to share any observations on the movement’s functioning and your thoughts via an application connected to the movement.


Because it is just as important to you as it is to us, all of our watches are produced with the utmost care, respecting the expectations of Swiss Made – a symbol of quality, security, authenticity, and reliability.


Lab-One, like its movement, is designed and assembled entirely in Switzerland. watch tianium grade5 movement view



Grade 5 titanium

9h-3h 42 mm x 6h-12h 37.8 mm

Height 9h 5mm / 3h 10mm


100m / 10Atm


Sapphire glass

Double anti-glare face


Grade 5 titanium / rubber

Diameter 10 mm


Satin finish, super-lumiNova treatment

Wrist Strap

Material - Nomex ™, universal size

Optional wrist strap

Grade 5 titanium


Grade 5 titanium

Folding clasp

automatic watch caliber electronically driven barrel
side automatic watch caliber extra thin


AK HYB 001


Diameter 30 mm x height 2 mm


Grade 5 titanium

Bottom Plate

Grade 5 titanium


Grade 5 titanium

Optical Sensor

Low-power laser and optical sensor

Dynamic Sensor

Accelerometer / Gyroscope



Manual winding 


Driven by a linear motor 


28.800 Alt / h 4HZ

Power Reserve



Rechargeable Battery 3.8v / 125mAh


Low-Consumption Bluetooth

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