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A Special Demonstration of High Horology

When a wristwatch manufacturer creates a new movement, they must take into consideration two things: precision, and how it works in everyday life. To achieve this, we have created a few sample watches. These prototypes were worn to test out the first horological stumbling blocks.

Through these watches, theory meets reality for the first time. 

Barrel circuit light off and light on

Through LAB-ONE, the hybrid watchmaking movement from manufacturer AK will take form. Sold in limited edition with an exceptional design, this new watch, crafted entirely in Switzerland, will serve as the follow-up to the first blending of electronics and mechanics in the history of watchmaking. 

This is a unique occasion to test an innovative watchmaker’s product from its beginning, and to offer you a rare demonstration of high horology.


Design: an ergonomic and elegant technical build

Avant-garde, the case is shuttle-shaped. Those of you who have known the AK signature since its inception will recognize the affiliation with the first luxury watch model: the Warp made over 10 years ago.

Reminiscent of a spaceship, the shuttle shape follows the contour of the wrist. It is both ergonomic and light to wear. With this unexpectedly technical shape, the watch evokes speed but is also inspired by the animal world such as giant leatherback turtles or the beetle. 

The shuttle pods are here the attachments that allow you to change the strap.

Dial: a journey through Space and Time

The dial of the LAB-ONE is composed of 6 meticulously superimposed layers. The fine decorated sapphire crystal is complemented by a multitude of parts (highlights, grid, minute track, index, etc.). The whole thing creates a sense of depth, it's like borrowing a wormhole to another dimension. From the dial we go to the galaxy of movement.

The titanium grid reproduces the canvas of space-time. It is a vortex, a sort of spiral or tourbillon, which takes you into the mechanical dimension of the watch.

The dial offers a panorama of the exceptional mechanics of the movement. The operation of the caliber is discernible: one can perceive the circuit of the barrel, the ticking of the balance or the active adjustment of the hairspring.

LAB-ONE natural titanium front view

With each model it is a journey to a new horizon full of secrets

5 finishes, 5 intergalactic jewels

Each model in the collection is distinguished by its strap, its grip, its crown and its dial. The timer changes color, each time referring to a new mysterious star.

The Natural Titanium model is a journey to Neptune with its dial all in blue, reminiscent of the enigmatic giant ice.

The steel version, both red and blue, is a tribute to our good old Earth.

The Sandblasted Titanium watch with its red railroad takes us to our sulphurous sister planet Venus.

The Black Titanium finish is a leap to the distant planet Kepler-1b, the darkest planet ever.

Finally, the Carbon model is a nod to the strange asteroid that crossed our solar system in 2017. Called "Oumuamua" this flying object has almost been identified and its mysterious origin has not yet been resolved.

Astronaut grab a watch LAB-ONE

And there was light !

In Space it is dark and the ideal is to have a watch that lights up.

When viewing the time in low light conditions, the hands and dial light up at will.

This light effect also applies to movement. Whenever a correction is made, the index or barrel circuitry will light up so you can see and understand what's going on.

This crush effect only exists on watches from the LAB-ONE collection.

Clockwork: A Revolution In High Horology

The LAB-ONE timepiece is equipped with a global innovation: the first integrated hybrid caliber.

For the first time, a mechanical movement in the pure Swiss watchmaking tradition is driven and controlled entirely electronically to offer a new experience in cutting-edge watchmaking.

The caliber possesses a mechanical heart and an electronic brain.

automatic watch caliber electronically driven barrel

This is the only mechanical movement that also serves as an electronic complication. It is endowed with an electronic brain that allows it to self-regulate. It controls the amplitude of the pendulum and its frequency via a driven index and an active barrel. 

The movement can be hand-wound, for lovers of the traditional style, or wound via motor, for adherents to innovation. Its connectivity gives it power, but its mechanical parts guarantee reliability and precision. Its role is to ensure that the clockwork never malfunctions.

This exceptional movement possesses a large barrel. The piece makes up double the size that one would find in a classic movement. Our choosing to make it so large was to guarantee an extra flat movement at 2mm thick.

You can see the connectors at the heart of the barrel, because for the first time, the barrel arbor works as a motor. It allows for winding, and also checks to ensure the force of the barrel is adequate and constant.

automatic watch caliber electronically driven barrel side

LAB-ONE is a unique test canter

Whether by its exceptional movement, its avant-garde shape, its first-class quality or the rarity of the piece. Indeed, the timepiece will be on sale and produced only once.

Aimed at collectors looking for novelty and exceptional pieces, a limited number of mechanical watches will be produced and sold.

There are 5 finishes: Natural titanium, Black titanium, Sandblasted titanium, Carbon and Steel.

The supplied bracelet is a monobloc and without clasp. It is a mixture of metallic fibers (titanium) and Nomex hypoallergenic and lightweight material. Robust and strong, it slips on like an elastic. This unique bracelet is shape memory, even if twisted, it regains its shape.

Available Finishes

Your purchase today is a pre-order. Your watch will be delivered to you as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, we will keep you regularly informed of the progress made in the production of your future exceptional piece.

When your LAB-ONE is ready, we will send you delivery details. Once the watch is on your wrist, you will be invited to share movement operating readings and diagnostics through an application connected to the movement.

Because it is important for you and for us, all our watches are produced with the greatest care while respecting the requirements of Swiss Made, a symbol of quality, safety, authenticity and reliability.

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