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With LAB-ONE, we chose to offer you a new watchmaking experience thanks to the first truly hybrid movement in the history of the industry. It's about getting the best of two worlds, which until now have been opposed.

On the one hand, the charm and beauty of mechanical movements, true craftsmanship masterpiece and a living work of art. On the other, the cold precision and logic of electronics, demonstrating the strictest application of physics and mathematics.

For the first time LAB-ONE unites both worlds, without giving the advantage. LAB-ONE is a perfect example of harmonious technological fusion for the benefit of the watchmaking enthusiast.

The first watch caliber with a mechanical heart and an electronic brain

LAB-ONE is a mechanical heart that works together with an electronic brain. For the first time, mechanics and electronics are together in a movement, linked by an intimate and lasting association. 

It’s like a symbiosis where both artisanal cogs and transistors mingle. Between two very distinct worlds, we have created a harmonious relationship, in which the two worlds (electronic and mechanical) equally benefit from the association.

first hybrid caliber AK Genève, only available in LAB-ONE

A mutualist symbiosis, to awaken consciousness

One could almost say that the operation of the caliber is conventional in its mechanical part. But this is only an illusion, when we dig in, we can already see the traces of the merger. The barrel shaft and the index are motorized. A new dynasty of movement was born, hybrid in the very heart of its conception. Since acoustic sensors, accelerometers and pressure sensors are placed, on the bridges and the main plate it is not an addition, but an original creation.

Symbiosis is not parasitic, it benefits mechanics. In fact, motorizing the barrel shaft allows the spring torque to be continuously adjusted. The balance angle sensor, accelerometers and microphones placed here and there, allow analysis of the smoothness, sources of problems, lubrication and wear of the movement. Thanks to this information, the torque and the tension of the spiral are adjusted to obtain optimum running precision.


And there was light !

Like a light that comes on, thanks to electronics, the mechanical caliber becomes aware and becomes, through the miracle of technological watchmaking genius, capable of adjusting itself.

In this video discover, how the movement comes to life. When the electronic system kicks in to adjust the barrel tension, the barrel circuit light up.

Dive into electronics

The hybridization of the LAB-ONE caliber enables a host of new sensors to be embarked on a mechanical movement. Accelerometers, microphones, optical laser sensors for example or motors. Everything is connected to a processor with a Bluetooth connection. While the mechanism is supplied with energy by its barrel, the electronics are supplied by a super capacitor. The recharging of this accumulator is carried out wirelessly, via a remote radio link. This is another world premiere.

Electronics may turn off while the watch continues to live

LAB-ONE's hybrid caliber can operate in fully conventional mode. Should the caliber's electronic brain ever come to a standstill, the mechanism works perfectly independently. The heart of the movement remains a very fine manufacture mechanism.

First hybrid caliber in watchmaking

For the first time, experience the adventure of creating a watch from the inside out.

For the collaboration between mechanics and electronics to work flawlessly and bring the caliber to life, we need you.

A smartphone application is being developed alongside the watch. The application, compatible with IOS and Android, is the link between you and our team of watchmakers. It allows you to get on board with us to finalize the product together.

Your mission, if however you accept it: to become our reference experts to together help the movement to progress

You may be used to your smartphone manufacturer asking you to share information about your phone's operation and operating system. The shared data allows it to improve subsequent generations. This is the model that we are taking.

The LAB-ONE movement has only been around for a few months. By purchasing the watch, you will become part of a privileged club whose mission will be to experience the movement "foolproof". You are our test pilots behind the wheel of our "superwatch" laboratory: LAB-ONE

This is the first time that a laboratory piece has not only been tested by those close to the brand but also by "happy few" from the public of watch enthusiasts.

The mission, if however you agree, is to regularly share with us your watch's operating reports and user feedback via the app on your smartphone.

Being a witness but also an actor of the watch

The app doesn't just record movement reactions, it also gives you an active role. Thanks to it your watch can talk to you! She tells you how it works and if all is well. And if all is not well, she will ask you to adjust it when necessary, or she may suggest one action or another to improve her functioning. The on-board sensors analyze the operation of the movement as well as the risks of the case leaking and warn you before it can damage the watch.

Without being a watchmaker, through the application, you become one. But rest assured, you won't be asked to take out the screwdrivers to disassemble the watch.

The app gives you all the information you can dream about your watch movement and how it works.

The benefits of on-board hybrid technology are multiple and here we are only at the beginning of this experiment.

So welcome aboard! Listen up! For the first time, your watch speaks to you and you have the power to improve its development and operation.

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