With its extraordinary design and hybrid movement, the watches in the collection offer something completely new in watchmaking.

Discover a unique collection inside and out

The atypical case of the watch is in the shape of a space shuttle with its bracelet attachments reminiscent of warp reactors. We have imagined 6 watchmaking vessels, each in a different material, always light and ultra-resistant. Each material is associated with a distinct finish, inspired by a mysterious planet or an almost identified flying object.

Inside, the watch engine

The LAB-ONE watch features a worldwide innovation: the first integrated hybrid caliber. For the first time, a mechanical movement in the pure Swiss watchmaking tradition is electronically controlled.

Around the mechanics we have placed acoustic sensors, accelerometers and lasers to ensure that it works properly. Thanks to this information, the torque and the tension of the spiral are adjusted to obtain optimum running precision.

The marriage of mechanics and electronics offers a watch of unparalleled precision within a single type of time measurement, without the use of quartz. It is the world's first mechanical movement with an electronic complication.

first hybrid caliber

With each model it is a journey to a new horizon full of secrets

Each finish has its own bracelet, a sort of metal elastic band, without clasp for maximum comfort. The minute minder and the crown change color, each time referring to a new mysterious star.

As for REV-ONE, it's the inside of the ship.


From Earth to Neptune.

Each model refers to an unknown territory or almost, because we could not, not pay homage to our good old Earth. This role falls to the Steel version, both red and blue.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5 a space watch in a blue galaxy

For the 4 other models, we wanted to put in the spotlight all the possible curiosities of Space. For this time, there is therefore no tribute watch to Mars or the Moon that we are starting to know (a little) but to more exotic and distant countries. 

All in blue, the Natural Titanium model is a trip to Neptune. Its dial is reminiscent of the enigmatic giant ice and its diamonds showers.

The Sandblasted Titanium watch with its warm shades of red transports us to our sulphurous sister planet Venus, made up of volcanoes and burning desert lands.

The Black Titanium finish is a leap to the distant planet Kepler-1b, the darkest planet ever, blacker than coal.

Finally the Carbon version is a nod to the strange asteroid which crossed our solar system in 2017. Called "Oumuamua" or the scout in English, this asteroid had nothing in common with all those who had already observed, its nature is still not identified and one can wonder if it is not extraterrestrial.

LAB-ONE sandblasted titanium a space watch in a red galaxy

So which ship are you going to board?

Each of our watches are produced with the greatest care while respecting the requirements of Swiss Made, a symbol of quality, safety, authenticity and reliability.


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Hybrid caliber

How does this world innovation work ?


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