LAB-ONE black titanium and astronaut

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  Watches and Fine Watchmaking 
 From Portugal to Infinity and Beyond

LAB-ONE black titanium and astronaut

AK Watch Maker 
Watches and Fine Watchmaking 
From Portugal to Infinity and Beyond

Where no watch has ever been before

What if we explored new watchmaking territories? What if we dreamed of unusual shapes, original mechanisms or completely new materials? What if we walk into the unknown together?

AK  is an "Avant-garde" watch brand. We are passionate about imagining and helping you discover the infinite possibilities of watchmaking.

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience serving the biggest Swiss luxury brands, our team uses its skills to surprise you. With tradition and know-how, we combine new ways of doing things, modern materials, technical movements, or new designs. Every detail of the product, from the barrel to the crown, from the bracelet to the second hand can be rethought. The only limit to our imagination is your comfort.

Each of our watches goes against the grain, not because it rejects watchmaking history but because it will leave its mark on it. At least, we'll do everything for it.

To wear an AK watch is to have a rare and daring unique piece of jewelry on your wrist. It's an exclusive and beautiful gift with style. With each of our watches, you enter into an unprecedented, remarkable and precious experience.

LAB-ONE sandblasted titanium

Our main source of inspiration is Space

In all of our designs, you will recognize a spatial influence, in form or use. The WARP, the iconic first watch in our DNA, has been described by the press as a “Star Trek” watch. The Chronoscaphe, our future project, was imagined to be able to fit together in the suit of the astronaut or cosmonaut.

Finally, our current LAB-ONE collection is distinguished by its atypical space shuttle-shaped case with its bracelet attachments reminiscent of warp reactors. Moreover, each finish of LAB-ONE refers to a planet or an almost identified flying object.

Astronaut grab a watch LAB-ONE

Today, as of this writing, we cannot afford to sponsor  astronauts, space agencies or missions. The infinite universe offers so much to discover. Who knows if in a few years a future space man will not be wearing an AK Chronoscaphe on his wrist for his next lunar mission?

 At AK Watch Maker, we have our heads in the stars, and our eyes riveted on Space, the last and immense frontier to be discovered and conquered.

LAB-ONE Isotropic carbon

Our new LAB-ONE watch, a revolution in watchmaking

The LAB-ONE watch features a worldwide innovation: the first integrated hybrid caliber. For the first time, a mechanical movement in the pure Swiss watchmaking tradition is electronically controlled.

The watch movement interweaves sensors and motors with the cogs to ensure its proper functioning and correct it if necessary. The marriage of mechanics and electronics offers a watch of unparalleled precision within a single type of time measurement, without the use of quartz. It is the world's first mechanical movement with an electronic complication.

Each time the movement adjusts, the circuit around the racquet or barrel will light up so you can see and understand what's going on even in the dark.

First hybrid caliber in watchmaking index lights on

And there was light !

When you look at the time at night, the movement of the wrist triggers the ignition system. Instead of the Luminova traditionally used in watchmaking, we have chosen to put a luminescent coating. Our system is inspired by that set up by NASA during the Apollo program. It allows visibility and readability in all circumstances of the dial. This innovative technique is a first in the watchmaking world. It offers longer visibility than the Luminova. The hands and the dial light up at will, ideal on Earth, as on the Moon.

This breathtaking effect only exists on our LAB-ONE watches.

LAB-ONE Steel 904L lights on/off

A watch brand that listens

When we imagine a watch, we pay attention to your feedback. On social media, we share the first sketches of the model and listen to your comments. We are attentive to the feedback from specialists in the industry both from the distribution side and from watchmaking creation.

We also talk to collectors. Thanks to your opinions, the case, the bracelet, the design or the concept of the watch will evolve. To achieve the perfect harmony between a great experience and the demands for quality and precision of a  luxury brand. 

LAB-ONE Titanium grade 5

The project will certainly take time to come out of the ground, but we prefer not to rush the creative adventure too much. It is this time for reflection and discussion with our clients that precisely allows the authentic and the unexpected to germinate.

Sometimes it is even limited collections, exclusive models available only in a territory or during a year that see the light of day. 

It is an unprecedented mission that we want to build with you.

The important thing is that our watches are fun, amazing, daring ... and of course easy to wear. If our watches have succeeded in tickling your curiosity, then that's already good, right?

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